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Best Wedding Florist Nomination

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8 Wedding Issues of Florists' Review Magazine
(International Publication for Professional Florists - USA)
April 2011, March 2010, March 2009, March 2008,
March 2007, March 2006, March 2005, and March 2004

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The Bridal
Bouquet Book

by Ginny Parfitt
Schiffer Publishing

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Woman's World
August 7, 2007

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2 Issues of Floral Design Magazine
(International Publication for Florists - New Zealand)
August 2010
June 2011

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9 Issues of Best Wedding Sites Magazine

Feb-April 2011
June-Nov 2011
(including June & October magazine covers)

Nominated as metro Detroit's Best Wedding Florist 2011 in the WDIV Channel 4, "Vote 4 the Best" contest. Vote for us by 8/31/11 here.

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Thank you for nominating us from 2007-2010, too!

Article 2 - Wedding Flower Checklist
A comprehensive checklist to use when budgeting, planning, and ordering your wedding flowers.

By Kim McMullen, owner and lead designer of Something Floral and Something Spectacular Custom Floral Design

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and you want everything to be perfect. Whether you’re planning all the details for your own wedding or enlisting the assistance of a bridal consultant, planning can be time consuming and stressful if you’re not organized and supplied with the proper tools.

Just as you might make daily “To Do” lists to ensure you accomplish all of your daily goals, you’ll want to use wedding checklists to ensure that you have budgeted for and planned everything you require for your wedding. One very important checklist is your wedding floral checklist.

A wedding floral checklist ensures that you don’t forget to order all the flowers you want and need. Imagine how upset you would be if, on the day of your wedding, you suddenly realize you forgot to order a boutonniere for your father, the candle arrangement planned for your unity candle ceremony, or the toss bouquet you’ve always dreamed of playfully tossing to your single girlfriends. Worse yet, imagine how brokenhearted your grandmother would be if you forgot to honor her with a corsage– especially if you remembered a corsage for everyone else except her!

While the above example sounds extreme, weddings are both an exciting and stressful time so anything can happen. Most florists will guide you through an organized ordering process to reduce the chance of omitting important details. However, if you are working with a very busy florist, particularly one who schedules and books multiple weddings on the same day, it’s a good idea to have your own separate checklist. If you have a checklist to take to your floral consultation, it will make the ordering process faster. Also, you can use the checklist when confirming your order with the florist the day before your wedding.

The following is a comprehensive checklist to use when budgeting, planning, and ordering your wedding flowers. As each wedding is unique and varies by individual preference and faith, you may not have a need for all categories or all selections within a category.


  • Bouquet or Equivalent
  • Headpiece or Flowers for Hair
  • Presentation for Mothers
  • Presentation for Honoring Special Guests
  • Presentation for Honoring Deceased Family Members
  • Presentation to the Virgin Mary
  • Throw Bouquet
  • Going Away Flowers

Maid / Matron of Honor

  • Bouquet or Equivalent
  • Headpiece or Flowers for Hair


  • Bouquet or Equivalent
  • Headpiece or Flowers for Hair

Junior Bridesmaids

  • Bouquet or Equivalent
  • Headpiece or Flowers for Hair

Flower Girl

  • Bouquet, Basket with Flowers or Petals, or Equivalent
  • Headpiece or Flowers for Hair

Bride's Mother

  • Corsage (Pin On or Wrist Style), Small Clutch Bouquet, or Equivalent

Groom's Mother

  • Corsage (Pin On or Wrist Style), Small Clutch Bouquet, or Equivalent


  • Corsage (Pin On or Wrist Style) or Equivalent


  • Corsage (Pin On or Wrist Style), Small Clutch Bouquet, or Equivalent


  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers

Best Man

  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers


  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers


  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers

Ring Bearer

  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers
  • Floral Decorated Ring Pillow or Ring Box


  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers


  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers


  • Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers

Honored Relatives
Honored Friends
Hosts and Hostesses
Cake Server(s)
Punch Server(s)
Guestbook Attendant
Candle Lighter
Gift Attendant(s)
Other Musician(s)
Rice Bag Attendant(s)
Favors Attendant(s)
Service Personnel

  • FEMALE: Corsage, Equivalent, or Single Stem Presentation Flower
  • MALE: Boutonniere or Jacket Pocket Flowers
(Don't forget about your family pet if he/she will be a participant in the ceremony or will be included in your wedding portraits. Tip: If fresh flowers, be sure to use blooms and foliage that is non-toxic to pets.)
  • Floral Collar (for dog or cat)
  • Floral Hair Bow (for dogs with long hair)
  • Floral Basket (for retrieving dogs who will act as your flower girl)
  • Floral Decorated Ring Pillow or Ring Box (for dogs who will act as your ring bearer)
  • Saddle Flowers (if the bride and/or groom will be arriving or departing on horseback)
Ceremony Decorations
  • Main Altar
  • Side Arrangements
  • Candelabra
  • Unity Candle Flowers
  • Kneeling Bench
  • Arch
  • Huppah or Canopy
  • Tent Decorations
  • Pew Decorations or Chairs
  • Aisle Candelabras (Candlelight Ceremony)
  • Guestbook Table
  • Plant or Tree Rentals
  • Aisle Runner
  • Door Wreath
  • Floral Garland (for Staircases, Doorways, Narrow Ledges, Etc.)
Reception Decorations
  • Bridal Table/Head Table Arrangements
  • Guest Table Centerpieces
  • Table and Chair Accent Flowers and Garlands
  • Flower Favors/Place Setting Flowers
  • Cake Top and Cake Flowers
  • Cake Table Arrangement
  • Buffet Table Arrangements
  • Bar and Beverage Table Arrangements
  • Gift Table Arrangement
  • Topiaries
  • Plant or Tree Rentals
  • Car or Carriage

If you’re planning a rehearsal dinner prior to your wedding, you may wish to include flowers. Appropriate rehearsal dinner flowers include centerpieces for the dining tables, a corsage for the bride-to-be, a boutonniere for the groom-to-be, and floral favors for place settings.

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